Minutes from May Meeting

Minutes from Second Meeting of Torbay Coastal Heritage Trust

Guardians’ Committee

25.05.2019, Torquay Museum 11am

Apologies: Pat Hobson, Jon Wright

  • Chair welcomed all guardians gathered.
  • Chair briefed the committee on progress to date including charity application, the difference between the committee and the charity and what has been achieved so far (directly – website, membership forms, postcards etc – indirectly – an investigation into the Bay).
  • Alan Griffey briefed the committee on fundraising and the HSBC bank account created by Alan and Mervyn Seal. Accounts were handed around. Issues in reading the accounts were raised by a number of guardians and future accounts’ format will be changed for ease of comprehension. Referred to secretary.
  • An electronic membership button would be made available on the TCHT website.
  • Chair took a vote on ratifying membership fees. Passed unanimously.
  • Heritage Site targets were then discussed by those present. 3 prime targets for the committee were then established – the pavilion, Corbyn Head Hotel and Sladnor Park. There was a consensus that the Pavilion campaign, while not successful (in that the pavilion is still a rotting mess), should be left to its own devices until TCHT was able to materially assist it. The Sladnor Campaign was considered a valid one and agreement was reached that the way forward was to communicate the campaign details to as many as possible and to bind existing campaigners (two of who were present). The Corbyn Head Hotel campaign needed assistance NOW and so Jack C agreed to try and set up a public meeting at which TCHT could present its views and offer assistance. Attendance at the 16th June Rock centre meeting would be beneficial. There should be some articles written about the hotel project and existing campaign strands interwoven to maximise success and momentum against flawed planning proposals.
  • It was recommended that the Torbay Design Panel be scrutinised in detail.
  • Mervyn suggested a TCHT calendar. This was met with the Chair suggesting that creating the calendar for 2021 would be wiser given the nascent nature of TCHT and Jontie W agreed. The TCHT postcards were encouraged. As were TCHT Christmas cards.
  • Meeting closed at 12.04. A third meeting would be arranged for Sept 2019.

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