The Trust’s Honorary President Mervyn Seal was born in Bath. He was employed by Bath Planning on environmental restoration of the renowned Georgian Circus. Mervyn designed the Le Corbusier-influenced new crematorium.

Mervyn-at-Parkham-580x380Mervyn Seal

He then lived and worked in the Torbay Area for 58 years, commencing an architect’s practice in the 1960’s to be awarded several environment housing medals, civic trust awards and designed buildings; some listed Grade II. Mervyn became a member of the 1970’s Torbay Design Panel awakening deep concern for the well-being and direction of Torbay’s Heritage, Environment and Open spaces. For more on Mervyn and his accomplishments, please look here, here, here and here. He is Planning Consultant for TcHT

A Message from Mervyn can be read here.