The Chairman’s Message

It’s a great honour to be voted in as Chairman of Torbay Coastal Heritage Trust. From the Pavilion to Sladnor Park to Oldway Mansion, there are some pressing cases requiring both protection and upkeep, as well as viable action plans for the future. The apolitical nature of the trust attracted me most to the role. I hope to learn a great deal from the other … Continue reading The Chairman’s Message

The Corbyn Hotel

Dear Torbay Council  / Planning In accordance with the Government Farrell Review recommendations 06, Torbay Coastal Heritage Trust; with its team of professionals, are engaging with the neighbourhood, and local communities in Torbay, and are acting as Civic Champions to improve design quality for the Torbay built environment. Application Mr Derek Elliott Architect declared in the application form 18/10/2018, that he acts as the agent … Continue reading The Corbyn Hotel

Pre-Planning Design Services

The government’s advisor on Improving the quality of Life through good design is CABE, formed in 2006: – full title “Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. With the launch of the National Planning Policy Framework, a boost was given to Regional Design Panels additional to the National Design Panel. Regulated to be objective, with a fresh viewpoint identifying flaws and the policies the designer … Continue reading Pre-Planning Design Services

Torquay Pavilion

Background  In February 2017, outline planning permission was granted in Torquay for a scheme which includes the following: An 11-storey tower block of flats on our harbourside A 4-5 storey hotel using the Grade II-listed Torquay Pavilion as a foyer A car park for the development on Cary Green, public green space Save Cary Green and Torquay Pavilion is a Community Campaign, founded in December 2013 … Continue reading Torquay Pavilion

Oldway Mansion

Around 1871 the Fernham estate in Paignton was purchased by Isaac Merritt Singer, the founder of the Singer Sewing Machine Company. The old buildings on the site were demolished and he commissioned a local architect, George Soudon Bridgman[1] to build a new mansion as his home. Isaac Merritt Singer died on 23 July 1875, shortly before work on the original mansion was completed. Paris Eugene … Continue reading Oldway Mansion

Letter from Dr Boyles

We rarely publish letters from members of the public but this one below from Dr Helen Boyles fits in well with our campaign related to Torbay Council, which can be read about here. In short, we’re involved with this issue as we see this council, among many, ignoring local wishes and ploughing up the Great British Countryside. We are now receiving daily reports about the Council … Continue reading Letter from Dr Boyles

Sladnor Park

Torbay Council in Devon are in danger of chalking up an ignominious first – a refusal to re-designate Neighbourhood Forums. Neighbourhood Forums are a feature of the Tory/Lib Dem flagship Localism Act of 2011 which transfers a greater say in planning decisions to those most affected – the local communities. The great idea was that Local Authorities work with their communities to produce a Local Plan which outlines the … Continue reading Sladnor Park