Trust starts with the truth and ends with the Truth – John Ruskin

THT has operated with a diversity of trustees, who have included campaigners in areas such as heritage, architecture, construction, the environment and national and local planning. Members new and old from “all walks of life” who love Torbay are welcomed to apply to become trustees.

Trustees commit to being independent, accountable, accessible and objective, to act on behalf of the wider voting membership and to uphold the THT Governing Document. Trustees also ensure that the wider membership is invited to vote on important status or policy proposals and changes.

In normal circumstances, the trustees will meet bi-monthly, in accordance with a set agenda. Guiding principles are as follows:

a) To act in accordance with the decisions of the trustees;
b) To enable the charity to carry out its aims and purposes, as above;
c) To be integral on behalf of, and have appropriate full accountability to, members;
d) To ensure compliance with the law;
e) To be accountable within the Trust, particularly where responsibility is delegated;
f) To avoid conflicts of interest;
g) To bring skills of communication with communities, as well as valuable experience, to ensure the Trust is well managed.

The trust records how more significant decisions are made, in case of need to review or explain them in the future as recorded in the THT procedural minutes.

Current trustees

Sandra Becket (Brixham)
Jack Critchlow (Torquay)
Nigel Goodman (Maidencombe)
Vince Green (Torquay)
Ian Hobson (Brixham)
Pat Hobson (Brixham)
T. Fredrick Read (Bovey Tracy)
Mervyn Seal, Chairman (Torquay, Wellswood)