Torquay Pavilion


In February 2017, outline planning permission was granted in Torquay for a scheme which includes the following:

  • An 11-storey tower block of flats on our harbourside
  • A 4-5 storey hotel using the Grade II-listed Torquay Pavilion as a foyer
  • A car park for the development on Cary Green, public green space

Save Cary Green and Torquay Pavilion is a Community Campaign, founded in December 2013 to fight this scheme, for the benefit of locals and visitors alike. The beautiful heart of our town was granted Conservation Area status in 2004 and contains over 80 listed buildings.

Now, it is seriously threatened with overdevelopment – with your help, we can work to prevent it.

“Torquay’s water front is being treated like a piece of recently reclaimed land in Dubai” – The Victorian Society

The planning permission granted in February 2017 was re-affirmed at a second planning meeting in May. We are now seeking to take the matter to Court with a Judicial Review of the decision to grant this permission.

We are initially looking to raise £5000 to fund our Judicial Review and the work of our internationally-experienced planning lawyer, Richard Buxton. If we are successful, we have the chance to overturn the planning permission for the proposed scheme.  

As a Community Campaign, we seek to challenge what we see as a very unsound planning decision for reasons which include the following:

  • It disregards local and national policies for the Conservation Area.
  • Arguably, it fails to economically justify the significant harm that the scheme would cause.
  • The voices and objections of locals and visitors have been consistently ignored. For example, the planning committee Chairman (who voted in favour of the scheme) was quoted in the local newspaper :

“Sometimes we have to look past objections and be more objective”(14.10.15)

Help us force Torbay Council and its planning department to listen to its residents, community partnership, statutory consultees and our valued visitors.

Thank you for all your support. Now your donation, big or small, will help us make the Judicial Review a reality, giving our community and visitors a voice.

As well as your donation, sharing the link to this CrowdJustice page and spreading the word will make a huge difference.

You can join us and find more info on our campaign Facebook page at:

Help our campaign and our community save the heart of Torquay for generations to come.


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