A Coalition of Partners is the Only Way


The inevitable passing of the Corbyn Head Hotel plans after chicanery by Torbay Councillors shows that even the craziest plans and the most extreme denials of the Neighbourhood Plan will continue to occur without planning first coming under intense scrutiny, the immediate dissolution of the TDRP, and the closing of the TDA and similar council clone entities. Incidentally, why is the CEO of Torbay Council still the CEO of the TDA?

Resistance to planners may be one of life’s annoyances for those seeking to bring investors into Torbay. Resistance to public scrutiny may be one of their characteristics. One wonders what they have to hide? Could it be that they and their cronies are in some way benefiting from this input of funds? Do they own estate agents in areas where planning of housing estates is focused? When was the last time that a proper check was done on the register of interests of councillors, planning officers and the TDRP? Does the TDRP suffer from any cronyism, for example?

The problems that Torbay suffers from are twofold:

  • Corruption in positions of power. 
  • A fragmented opposition to those in positions of power. 

Could it be that, like in African states, corruption is so ingrained that even those who are not corrupt suffer from having to be corrupt to get things done?

This leaves a downtrodden opposition in a bay that suffers from deprivation and where most people do not have the time or money to engage in anti corruption or exposing planning illegalities.

Which is why in the future the various opposing entities – from the Torbay Neighbourhood plan to the opponents of the Carey Green development to TCHT itself – ought to amalgamate and yoke their skill-sets. There is no point having competing groups looking at each other in disgust “on the night” as planning nightmares are voted through. If they met beforehand and combined resources then they would be far better placed to progress.





One thought on “A Coalition of Partners is the Only Way

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with these observations. What a shame that the Independents did not properly collaborate and force the necessary changes to the same old faces and same old corruptions. Also what a shame more people did not vote for change. In answer to the ‘why is the CEO of Torbay Council still the CEO of the TDA’, I think the answer is that he struggles to get by on the Council Salary of £140k per annum for a four day week and needs the extra cash. I would love to know on what basis the audited accounts are being signed off. Also, perhaps it would be proper to ask the electorate before borrowing hundreds of millions for inappropriate investments, slapping themselves on the back for getting a 1.5% return! It is our risk you know! Accommodation in Torbay needs modernisation, but the attraction of Torbay will be wrecked by inappropriate new wave developments.

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